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Our specialists offer experience and knowledge of Clean Energy Solutions

Sales & After Sales Support

We provides Gas Engine Sales for various application likes Biogas, Natural Gas, Landfill Gas, Combine Heat and Power, Waste Heat Recovery. Our expertise teams also provided 24/7 after-sales support, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and overhaul across the country.

Long Term Service Aggrement

At KREATIV RECOVERY, we offer our customers the possibility to engage long term service maintenance contract for spare parts, repair and even provision technical support locally or remotely.

Genuine Parts

We supply Genuine parts from the manufacture in order to keep reliability and efficiency of the Gas Engine operation


We provide Procurement, Construction, Commissioning (EPCC) 

Customize Solution

We provide customize solution for balance of plant option that fits client needed.

Local Manufacturing

Our capabilities to provides local assembly gas engine generating unit for FIT or non-FIT application.

Our new industrial systems

Products and Services

Gas Engine | Customize Solution | Local Manufacturing Assembly

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